About us

IOVacc is a biotechnology company developing new drugs in clinical stages. We develop breakthrough genetic and immunotherapies in the field of metabolic diseases and immuno-oncology. The purpose of our drugs is to treat rare and complex diseases using the immune system and the transciptome.

IOVacc is born after the identification of a need for new and innovative programs in the field of transciptome discoveries. With this in mind, the team got down to work “scouting” intense for several months, peering closely dozens of programs (patents) carried by academic organizations in Europe and North America. The choice of the founders fell on proteins and miRNA involved in the new cell signaling pathways.

Our science is on 2 fields: our expertise in miRNA for metabolic diseases and immuno-oncology, by the way of our new platform of miRNA discovery.

IOVacc’s pipeline consists of miRNA delivered by new vectors such as LNP (Lipid Nano-Particules).


The IOVacc technological approach is unique and offers efficiency and breakthrough results.


Co-Founder – Brice Gianesini : Chief Executive Officer

Brice GIANESINI, PhD of Pharmacy, CEO of IOVacc and responsible pharmacist. He hold a University degree in Biotechnology applied to health. Passionate about biotechnology, he created the first french blog specializing in news of biotechs companies.

Always fascinated by new technologies trends, he wrote a thesis on monoclonal antibodies, some dealing specifically with future projects antibody being developed. In IOVacc project, he has expanded its knowledge specifically in immuno-oncology, to develop real expertise in this field.


Co-Founder – Tina Flatau : Chief Operating Officer

Tina Flatau, PhD, MS, COO of IOVacc and responsible of the corporate strategy. She has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in the field of biotechnology. She has extensive experience in the development and management of pharmaceutical projects. She began her career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Pharmaceutical Industry Group, but has continued his career in a wide range of R & D organizations, including Biotech Novartis, Wyeth Biopharma, Sanofi Aventis, Roche, UCB and Medimmune.

Dr. Tina Flatau has a PhD in Pharmacy, and has a consulting company in management of biotechnology companies. She was vice-president of the strategy and alliances of Prosensa, a leader biotech company in the field of rare diseases.

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focus on metabolic diseases