Our miRNA platform try to find new ways to develop new therapies. Our products have been engineered to play critical roles in metabolic disorders and in a near futur, cancer tumor-specific targeting.

Our research led us to develop medicines that change patients daily life. Our work include obesity, insulin sensitivity, specificity of our products on adipocytes.

Our research lead us to select drug candidates that will add value to existing drugs on the market.

On the other hand, our knowledge and know-how, in relation with data science, is complex data management, in order to offer efficient solutions for clinical and technological medical experiences.

Why miRNA are the next generation therapeutics?


We believe that the futur will focus on transcriptome research, and focus on very specific manner to treat diseases.


One of our product development is a miRNA that is an inhibitor of a special miRNA who is overexpressed in several metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes, partial lipodystrophy, …

Our miRNA are display with lipid nanoparticles vectors in a way to make the biodisponibility and efficiency increased. 

What is Immuno-Oncology?

Immuno-Oncology (I-O) is an emerging therapeutic modality being studied for its potential in the fight against cancer.¬†Understanding how cancer evades the immune system is the foundation of I-O. We hope to find new ways to stop cancer from evading the immune system, thereby restoring the body’s natural ability to promote tumor destruction.

Current cancer treatment modalities include radiation, surgery and chemotherapy/targeted therapy, all of which are intended to target the tumor.

Why I-O is different ? because it uses the natural capability of the patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer.

At IOVacc, our team is based on a scientific and business expertise to find efficient solutions using the latest medical discoveries in pharmacology.

Our research is focused on transforming the way tumor cells and the immune system communicate, including checkpoint pathways.

IoVacc is born after the identification of a need for new and innovative programs in the field of immunotherapy and virotherapy. With this in mind, the team got down to work “scouting” intense for several months, peering closely dozens of programs (patents) carried by academic organizations in Europe and North America. The choice of the founders fell on proteins and viruses involved in the immune system reactivation process.


Our aim is to collaborate with academic research organisations having expertise in the field of immuno-oncology, immunotherapy or virotherapy.

  • Focus on advanced projects where target already identified and biomolecules under designed or development stage.
  • Develop R&D projects in parallel in order to obtain a couple of new candidates.
  • Strengthen our platform around immuno-oncology projects.
  • Focus on patents driven projects.

Our strength is our ability to recognize market trends, both scientific side and both side business.